Many patients and families are confused between drug abuse and addiction disease which is not true because the concept of addiction disease is much bigger than just drug abuse as evidenced by the fact that many who do drugs, their addictive disease can’t be diagnosed (for example someone who uses drugs only in events such as holidays, weddings and there is no deterioration in his life) and vice versa, some people could be diagnosed with addiction although they don’t deal with drugs (for example, internet addict, gambling addict or sex addict … etc.) and so addictive disease is recurring behavior that leads to psychological and physical dependence and captures the person and his life leading to a significant deterioration in the person’s life.
Here we must note that as the disease of addiction is much more than the drug addiction, recovery is much bigger than just abstain from drugs, but the patients should run overhaul until recovering from this illness.

Difference between an addict and abuser:
There is a difference between abuse and addiction, because not all abusers are addicted but vice versa because the abuser have a stage of consciousness uses drugs but not up to the end of the trip adding that an addict mean full and continuous concern with doing drugs and has physical and psychological dependence on drugs a tendency to increase the dose and if he tries to reduce it he falls in the withdrawal symptoms.
Everyone has a therapeutic program until recovery because addiction is a chronic illness that can be cured and the program has a Social and behavioral modification, treating the environment surrounding the addict, we are dealing with the patient and his family, it is not just a medicine but it takes time and patience.