Shabu drug addiction treatment (Crystal Meth)

-    From methamphetamine which have a very quick and addictive effect dope, as you try it for once or twice it causes addiction.
A state of hallucination (auditory and visual) seeing fantasies and things which are not real.
One dose of Shabu could last for a month.
-    It’s a substance having a crystalline form, manufactured illegally from methamphetamines.

Shabu addiction symptoms:
1-    The Shabu addict is always in an aggressive behavior and hysterically nervous which might pay him to kill someone close or even kill himself.
2-    A Shabu abuser loses his appetite and has a significant general body weakness.
3-    A few years later, or even few months, Shabu abusers may appear to be older in age showing signs such as hair loss – dry skin and teeth loss.
4-    Shabu abusers can be awake for days, as Shabu is the most powerful drug that kills the ability to sleep.
5-    The most serious effects that appear on a “Crystal Meth” abuser systematically:
-    Increased body temperature.
-    A significant rise in blood pressure.
-    Increase the rate of heart beats in a stressful way that affect the heart.
-    TIC and expo user to a bleeding in the brain