Alcohol addiction treatment

Booze are drinks having added alcohol to certain food that are being fermented such as:
Grapes, raisins, apples, dates, barley and corn with certain percentage of alcohol which causes drunkenness and miss awareness and addiction.

Symptoms of drinking alcohol:
1-    Loss of attention and lack of focus.
2-    The addict moves between joy and depression several times a day.

Alcohol’s effect on the body:
1-    Increase the risk of having breast cancer intestine and mouth cancer.
2-    Causes damage of brain cells and smoothing to brain clots.
3-    Causes weakness of eyesight and speaking turmoil.
4-    One of the fast test damages of alcohol is the appearance of ulcers in the stomach because of bad effect of alcohol on the stomach wall.
5-    Alcohol addiction causes severe sexual dysfunction among men and infertility among women.

Psychological symptoms:
-    Blues – anxiety – irritability – panic – emotional instability – emotional fatigue.

Physical symptoms:
-    Nausea / vomiting – headaches – insomnia – sweating – rapid heart rate in voluntary movements of the eyelids – anorexia – fever – convulsions – power outage in the body – severe agitation – delirium tremens.