Captagon Pills addiction treatment

Captagon pills are known as anabolic steroids or dope because it causes increased activity and frequent movement and not to fell tired or hungry.

It’s also a derivative of the amphetamine substance, there are many trending names for the Captagon pills like:
(White – Datsun – Chalk – Ice – Stealth – Plane – Balloon – Beethoven – Buddha Castle – Hindi – Windmill – Scorpio – Congo Pills)

Symptoms and signs of the Captagon pills addict:
Frequent movement, talking too much, rubbing teeth each other, smoking, greedily, saliva dryness, cracking of lips and using the tongue to clear it out
Frequent insomnia, and staying up late sensitivity to light especially sunlight because of the breadth of the IRIS.
Frequent nose scratching and having foul smelling breath, increased sweating due to high blood pressure and increased heart rate, paleness of the face, appearance of blackness around the eye, loss of appetite lacks of sexual desire or intercourse with wife.

A state of suspicion, as the Captagon addict feels that there are insects moving on his skin like cases of schizophrenia or paranoia and becomes very suspicious in the others.

Effects and disadvantages of Captagon pills:
-    Dry mouth, nausea, difficulty of urinating and insomnia, headaches, shivering, diarrhea or constipation often happen, addicts also feat chest pain. When the dose increases it causes invigoration of nerves and changes in sexual desire, respiration problem, temporal and spatial disorder and hallucination, convulsion, coma and rashes.

Captagon addiction disadvantages:
-    Addicts suffer from auditory and visual hallucinations, disturbance of senses and imagining unreal things as excessive use leads to a state of illusion where the addict feels that there are insects moving on his skin.
-    Some addicts have the symptoms that are similar to cases of schizophrenia or paranoia.
-    Also feeling of persecution and crying for no reason and doubting in others.
-    When excessive use, there is a shortage in white blood cells which weakens the resistance to diseases as well as anemia.
-    Amphetamine addiction leads to malnutrition.
-    When injecting large doses into vein it causes damage in the arteries such as inflammation and necrosis and renal failure and destroying the blood vessels in the kidney blockage in the blood vessels of the brain and brain hemorrhage which may lead to death.
-    Inhaling amphetamines leads to raise of the mucous membranes of the nose.
-    Using contaminated syringes causes several serious diseases like (AIDS and hepatitis B-Type.