Tramadol during addiction treatment

Tramadol is considered as morphine derivatives and from the heroine family so it is a highly dangerous drug and it is destructive to the nervous system.
There are many shapes and brand names for tramadol like Tamol – Tramal – Madol – Tramaz – Contramal – Ultradol – Tramundin  

Tramadol is a synthetic narcotic analgesic and pain killers in case of strong and chronic pain, it is referred to as the false opiate.
Tramadol has been shown effective in treating pain when using it for a short time because it reduces the transmission of nerve signals that carry the sensations of pain to the brain, but extended usage of tramadol leads to adopting it to the body and its drug use.

Tramadol is one of the derivatives of morphine and when using it constantly
It slops the natural secretion of endorphin.
Which is a substance secreted by the body to withstand the pain and thus creates a problem of addiction.

There are other names for tramadol like (Tramal – Amadol – Tramax – Ultradol – Tramudin – Strawberrry – Apple – Tramadol 200/225 mg – Tramadol X – Tamol 200 mg/ 200X – Tedol 200/225mg)

Addiction symptoms:
-    Insomnia, nervousness and lack of sleep stress, loss of appetite.
-    Weight loss and increase the rate of smoking cigarettes.
-    Stay up for long times and tight, IRIS.
-    Epileptic seizures and convulsions.
-    Renal and hepatic failure.

Tramadol addiction signs:
-    Mood swings.
-    Muscle spasms.
-    Sweat – Shiver.
-    Depression and thoughts of suicide.
-    Loss of appetite – hallucinations.
-    Unstable heart beat rate.
-    Risk of epileptic.

Tramadol addiction disadvantages:
-    Negative effects such as dizziness headache, drowsiness and constipation and nausea.
-    Confusion and hallucination, chills, itching and rashes.
-    Indigestion, bloating and blurred vision.
-    Epileptic seizures and having the motivation for committing suicide.  
-    Tight IRIS, vomiting, cooler skin and atelectasis of the heart.
-    Mental disease in the form of delusions of doubt.
-    Symptoms of psychotic affective disorders due to the change in doses or outage.
-    Tramadol abuse leads to heart colts for both men and women equally.
-    Research has shown the occurrence of viral infections in the brain of the tramadol abusers.