Cannabis and Opium addiction

It’s extracted from cannabis.
It is permanent and observed that cannabis and some other similar drugs like marijuana, banjo and other species reveal the psychiatric illness in advanced age.
Many people have serious psychiatric illness tendencies such as psychosis and Schizophrenia and others.
When abusing cannabis, it emerges these diseases on the surface, so cannabis is not that easy and simple drug as it was rumored.
In some societies among young people cannabis can lead to serious mentat heath diseases in the future.

Symptoms of cannabis addiction:
-    Increased dose of anesthetic.
-    Anxiety.
-    Madness.
-    Depression.
-    Relaxation.
-    Dizziness.
-    Influence their libido.
-    Schizophrenia.
-    Lungs problems.
-    Chronic psychiatric diseases.

There are some symptoms and signs appear on a cannabis addict such as behavior and psychological changes during and after abusing.

-    Rejoice, motion dysfunction, anxiety and slow passage of time.
-    Disruption of judging things.
-    Psychological disorders up to confusion and psychosis.

Disadvantages of Cannabis:
-    Causes weakness of the immune system and reduce the number of white blood cells and that appears in general weakness of the body to resist diseases, helplessness and fear.
-    Cannabis affects the neurotransmitters in the brain cell causing slower reactions of the abuser.
-    Increase heart beat rate and probability of a heart attack during the first hour of using up to four times the normal rate until the ability of blood to carry oxygen decreases.
-    For men, Cannabis reduces the testosterone hormone and increases the rate of deformation in sperms and causes disturbance in their motion ability and develop a sexual slump.