Heroin addiction treatment

Heroin: It’s made from morphine, an effective chemical present in opium.
Heroin’s effect is three times the effect of morphine, therefore it is rarely used for medical purposes because of its terrible addictive effect. Addicts take in heroin or the powder by smelling or injection.

Heroin addiction and what’s heroin?
Heroin is an opium analgesic with highly dangerous addictive properties opium is extracted from poppy plant.
This plant is about (40 cm – 150 cm) and produces big flowers of a diameter (4 inches – 5 inches).
Opium is extracted from poppy plant and from opium morphine is derived and from morphine heroin is derived.

Trending names of heroin such as:
(BS – Vanilla – The white powder)
it also causes:  false feeling of security, happiness and relaxation.
- Lethargy and laziness and bumble of the tongue.
- Inability of focusing and being forgetful.
- Increase of heart beat rating then quickly turns into slow heart beat rate and low blood pressure.
- Tight IRIS.

Heroin disadvantages:
Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and personality disorders and wanting to commit suicide and schizophrenia and organic diseases like AIDS, hepatitis and vascular damage and frequent infections especially in the injection regions and ED (erectile dysfunctions).

Heroin leads to the addict’s death, because when you overdose heroin the body enters a state of sleep and stops breathing which leads to suffocation and death

Effect of heroin on the brain centers:
- Serious lack of oxygen which may lead to respiratory failure and sudden death.
- Memory loss and lack of focus and early Alzheimer.
- Injecting heroin leads to excessive euphoria and be accompanied by a dry mouth and heaviness in limbs and dizziness.
- Heroin sometimes leads to a temporary coma and sometimes it is deadly.
Heroin abuse has an effect on blood pressure control centers and attention.