Voodoo and stroks addiction

Voodoo and stroks are types of synthetic drugs. they're not synthesized of cannabis plant but are manufactured to give the same effect of cannabis. The manufacturer sprays large amounts of synthetic materials on it to give the same effect of cannabis but these materials cause severe damage to the human body . It has other names ; ( zombie – Black magic ).

• Side effects of voodoo :-
Loss of appetite leading to slimness and general weakness , imbalances and digestive disorders .
Feeling of bloating and gastritis , hypertrophy of the liver . damage millions of nerve cells , Angina , high pressure and anemia .
It also causes a temporary loss of remembrance and visual hallucinations in a short period .

Voodoo addiction disadvantages:
- Public dilation.
- Severe congestion.
- Facial redness.
- Rattle or change in voice.
- Complete control of the nervous system, drugged and destroyed .
- In activity and inability to perform simple acts.
- Bulging stomach infections.
- Liver hypertrophy.
- Nervous cells damage.
- Angina.