Spice addiction treatment

Spice is a complex set of composite aromatic blends with highly effective chemical ratios which causes the highest level of addiction among the drugs in general as it has a powerful effect on human's health causing a lot of damage such as:-

(1) Convulsions
(2) Destruction of the nervous system and brain damage
(3) Aggression
(4) Breathing difficulty
(5) Hallucinations
(6) Madness
(7) Sudden death
• Addict is subjected to medical and psychological stages of treatment to pull out toxins from the body , medications are appropriate for each stage of treatment and privacy of psychotherapy for psychiatric  illness caused by the spice like depression which needs a strong treatment
Disadvantages of spice addiction:-
- Spice addition causes great psychological and health damage to the user's body such as :-
1- Audio and visual hallucinations .
2- Confusion and anxiety .
3- Convulsions .
4- Inability to estimate distances .
5- Madness .
6- Brain cells damage .
7- Drop in blood circulation .
8- Breathing difficulty .
9- Out of morals and normal behaviors .
10- Damage of the nervous system