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There is no doubt that the decision of choosing an addiction treatment center is one of the most important decision taken by the patient or his family because of its future results and when choosing an addiction treatment center it's a must to keep in mind health mattes to ensure the validity of such therapy center.
1- Complete medical licenses.
2- Good reputation .
3- Fair treatment of in mate .
4- Full center deans .
5- Eating quality and diversity .
6- Long experience in the field .
7- Advanced treatment services .
8- Periodical in mate follow .
9- Educate parents about the nature of addictive disease .
10- Provided medical services .
-All of this and more is indicated in trust center for convalescence because of it's long tradition in the field of addiction recovery .
Trust center is one of the first center that had cared about addiction and made very good results and those qualities are what we guarantee to you trust center for convalescence works seven days a week to serve you and ensure the comfort of all whom we care about


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